Why do I need a professional window cleaning service?


A professional company’s solution can be expected to be top notch when it comes to streak free shine and quick dry time. Window cleaning is their livelihood and companies want to be the best in their industry and so they pay for the high quality products. Professional companies also have the ladders and scaffolding needed to reach those high up windows that could be dangerous for you to reach. Between the equipment and training the results are better. When homeowners try and tackle windows themselves they usually complain of streaks and just aren’t as thorough. A professional knows the different cleaning techniques to use depending on the type of window as well.


Maybe you have all the time in the world but certainly there are things other than window cleaning you would rather be doing? Plus, while you may just be a one man army a company coming out will bring multiple people depending on the number of windows you have. While waste an entire day of our time cleaning windows when you can sit back and relax while it’s finished in a few hours by someone else instead!?


Yes, you will spend more hiring a company then you would probably spend yourself. However, having your windows regularly and properly cared for means their lifespan is going to be longer. A build-up of dirt and grime can take years off your windows and so by spending a little each year on maintenance will be worth the thousands of savings down the road. If you don’t do a thorough job on your own then you aren’t helping the longevity of your windows any.

Lake Appeal

You’ll feel better and your home, cottage and especially the lake will look better.